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Blue-Ringed Octopus Essay Essays

Blue-Ringed Octopus Essay Essays Blue-Ringed Octopus Essay Paper Blue-Ringed Octopus Essay Paper The blue-ringed octopus lives in shallow reefs and tide pools in the Pacific Ocean. normally at deepnesss runing from 0 to 20m ( Sheedy and Beasley. 2003 ) . There are four sorts of blue-ringed Octopuses ( genus Hapalochlaena ) : ( 1 ) the greater blue-ringed octopus ( Hapalochlaena lunulata ) ; ( 2 ) the southern blue-ringed octopus or lesser blue-ringed octopus ( Hapalochlaena maculosa ) ; ( 3 ) the blue-lined octopus ( Hapalochlaena fasciata ) ; and ( 4 ) Hapalochlaena nierstraszi. first described in the twelvemonth 1938 from a individual specimen found in the Bay of Bengal ( Blue-Ringed Octopus. 2007 ) . The blue-ringed octopus uses its cuticular chromatophore cells to camouflage itself until it is provoked. Before it is provoked. its colour may change from dark brown to dark xanthous ( Interesting Animals ) . Once provoked. the octopus fleetly changes its colour to bright xanthous with either bluish rings or lines. The blue-ringed octopus typically hunts little pediculosis pubiss. anchorite pediculosis pubis. and runt. In add-on. the octopus is of all time ready to seize with teeth its aggressor if provoked or stepped on ( Blue-Ringed Octopus ) . Although it grows to a maximal length of 200mm when its organic structure is wholly dispersed out. and normally appears to be about the size of a golf ball. the blue-ringed octopus may kill a human being with a bite within proceedingss ( Sheedy and Beasley ) . The human being bitten by a blue-ringed octopus does non experience hurting. Rather. he or she would foremost experience nauseating. At the same clip. his or her vision would go hazy. After a few seconds. the person would turn blind. He or she would besides lose the sense of touch. besides going unable to talk or get down. Three proceedingss subsequently. the human being is expected to turn paralytic. and go unable to take a breath ( Interesting Animals ) . BLUE-RINGED OCTOPUS Page # 2 The toxicant of the blue-ringed octopus is contained in its spit. The spit comes from two secretory organs. each of which is every bit large as the encephalon of the octopus. Poison from one of the secretory organs is used on the chief quarry of the blue-ringed octopus – the crab. This toxicant is comparatively harmless to human existences. The toxicant from the 2nd secretory organ is the genuinely harmful one. incorporating some maculotoxin which is a neurolysin that can turn out to be stronger than the venom of all animate beings found on land. The venom besides contains 5-hydroxytryptamine. spreading factor. tyramine. histamine. tryptamine. octopamine. taurine. acetylcholine. and Dopastat ; and is 10. 000 times more powerful than nitrile ( Blue-Ringed Octopus ; Sheedy and Beasley ) . This toxicant. of class. serves as a defence against marauders. The blue-ringed octopus is known to either secret its toxicant in the locality of the quarry. delay until the quarry is immobile before it devours its quarry ; or merely leap out and enfold the quarry in its tentacles and seize with teeth it ( Interesting Animals ) . The most toxicant octopus in the universe is a soft-bodied being. Besides like the remainder of the octopuses in the universe. it has eight weaponries or tentacles ( Interesting Animals ) . The blue-ringed octopus lives in crannies or holes ; burrows as a agency of deriving protection ; and advertises its toxicity when provoked like all other octopuses. What is more. the blue-ringed octopus hatches from an egg ( one of 60-100 at a clip ) and is about the size of a pea at the beginning of its life. This octopus grows and matures instead rapidly until it reaches its grownup size. Its life anticipation is around two old ages ( Sheedy and Beasley ) . BLUE-RINGED OCTOPUS Page # 3 Mentions 1. Blue-Ringed Octopus. ( 2007. March 11 ) . Wikipedia. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Blue-ringed_octopus. ( 15 March 2007 ) . 2. Interesting Animals. Did you cognize? Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. didyouknow. org/index. hypertext markup language. ( 15 March 2007 ) . 3. Sheedy. John. and Same Beasley. ( 2003. April 1 ) . The Blue-Ringed Octopus. Earlham College. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. earlham. edu/~sheedjo/blue-ringedoctopus. htm. ( 15 March 2007 ) .

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Organizational structure and culture of GE and Google Essay

Organizational structure and culture of GE and Google - Essay Example GE has been able to attract leaders with an extraordinary combination of attributes: passion, vision, and deep sensitivity to the huge issues that challenge the world around them. It is made up of employees who are self-driven to make a difference. When it comes to the kind of environment, GE is the best place to work in. it has a high-performance culture that particularly emphasizes high-integrity business practices as well as work balance. GE’s CEO says, â€Å"We believe a company can accomplish more even as it does well.† This belief drives GE’s organizational practice from the philanthropic efforts of its foundation to the millions of volunteer hours donated by the employees to community initiatives worldwide.It’s really the people that make it the kind of company it is. â€Å"We hire smart and determined people and we favor ability over experience,† said Google CEO. Although the people of Google share common goals and visions for the company, t hey hail from all walks of life and speak a number of languages, reflecting the global audience that they serve. Google pursues interests ranging from beekeeping to recycling, from foxtrot to Frisbee, when not at work. Google strives to maintain the open culture often associated with startups, in which everyone is a contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. Google’s offices and cafes are designed to motivate and encourage interactions between Google members across and within teams and to spark conversation about play as well as work.

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Managerial Accounting Final Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Managerial Accounting Final Report - Essay Example This paper offers managerial accounting report based on an entity’s costing accounting data and recommends improvements to the firm. The scope of management accounting incorporates financial accounting concepts, cost accounting concepts, and statistical concepts to develop an understanding of a business environment towards informed managerial decisions. Cost accounting offers data on costs and facilitates analysis for cost control or cost based decisions (Bhattacharyya 2). The management approach’s ability to use existing data for forecasting and planning identifies its significance to management because it aids strategy developments for market dynamism (Mitra 1-27). Incorporation of statistical tools in the management approach also empowers it to determine informed choices for efficient operations because the techniques allows managements to compare environmental factors in a market and to identify the most suitable applications that can guarantee market control and ef ficient and effective operational processes. The report relies on these aspects to review the firm’s cost and processes (Thukaram 5). ... This paper applies a case study to demonstrate application of managerial accounting concepts in resolving problems. The report is based on SSI case study. The firm is a meat, burger, and chicken processing plant in Idaho, United States. Its executive group has learnt that their leading clients are not satisfied with the firm’s pricing and they are considering contacts with SSI’s competitors, arguing that the firm’s prices are too high. Other clients are however happy with the organization because it offers the cheapest prices in the locality. This controversy in opinion among clients identifies pricing as a problem that should be explored for possible reconciliation with the discontent clients. The problem identifies the need to explore following research questions. What are the recommended cost savings that will help SSI increase its profits? Is the organization pricing its products efficiently? Method The report is based on a case study on SSI firm that offers six distinct products to six different clients. Data was collected from published information on the organization’s accounting and managerial records regarding involved production activities and their costs. The data was then analyzed, objectively, to understand the firms costing and pricing. Results The organization produces six types of meats for retail sales. It operates two sessions per day with each session lasting for eight hours and pays direct labor costs per hour. The operations involve six different set ups per day. Each set up produces each product and clean up and adjustments for each product specification precede each set up. The following table summarizes SSI’s daily schedule for the production and set up processes in their order of production. Table 1: Daily

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American History Essay Example for Free

American History Essay The American Revolution posed to be an important event for both African Americans and women. For women, the impact of this event solidified their role and place in society (Courtney, 1999). These women made Americans understand their significance and worth in different aspects. On the other hand, for African Americans, this event started the process of change in terms of equality and the prevalent system of slavery. It is in this light such impact paved the way as a stepping stone towards gaining freedom and independence from their masters (Hooker, 1996). Comparing the two scenarios (women and African Americans), it can be argued that these two groups share the same principles each one fights for. The only difference in this is the manner wherein they are applied or the conditions that needs to be addressed. Looking at it, both parties seek to develop a renewed interest for (1) freedom, (2) equality, and (3) rights. However, in terms of application, we can see that African Americans clamor for this to eliminate the system of prejudice and hate brought about by slavery and apartheid. On the other hand, women continue to seek these principles for their desires to be equally associated with men in both rights and responsibilities. Despite these efforts, Americans continue to hinder participation for both African Americans and women. For women, suffrage was still maintained for men (Courtney, 1999). At the same time, jobs and responsibilities continue to be categorized accordingly with little or minimal changes. On the part of African Americans, apartheid and slavery continues to exist in some states. Likewise, prejudice and racial hate continues to be present especially among Southern states wherein some African American slaves were subjected (Hooker, 1996). The leaders in turn justified these actions as a result of adjustment and transition process wherein leaders and members of society have to adhere to these new set of standards and norms. At the same time, it was better off this way because some groups continue to pursue previous rules and principles since they are not subjected to such actions. Lastly, this endeavor opens up opportunities for change wherein it may prove to be difficult to handle for some leaders. It is through these myriad of reasons that many American leaders tried to limit down the application of the commitment towards equality.

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Advertising Of Benetton :: essays research papers fc

While seeking out a definition for "Marketing", I found the term to consist of "the development, pricing, distribution, and promotion of ideas, goods and services" (Dominick, 398). Nowadays, when we think of marketing strategies, we immediately think of advertising, why is that? Firstly, it is considered as one of the important elements of marketing. Advertising is one of the few elements that tend to roll most of the different aspects of marketing into one. It is a division of the "general promotion process, along with personal selling, sales promotions, and public relations" (Dominick, 398). In order for a company to succeed, it is almost necessary for them to advertise their product. Now the question of how advertising came to be and the evolution of its purposes arises. Though it would be quite impossible to give any exact idea as to the period when the first advertisement of any kind made its first appearance, there is no doubt of advertising first occurring in the earliest times. The true history of advertising dates back to the remotest possible times, when an increasing population led every man to make efforts in the race for prominence, which has continued on in some way or another ever since. At that time, however, advertisements were merely scratches on walls, with the occasional clay bricks stenciled with inscriptions by the Babylonians. Advertisements during the middle Ages consisted of town criers shouting what the king wanted to be heard, because so few people were literate (Sampson, 86). Although advertising can be traced back this far, the most significant and true development in the early history of advertising was the invention of movable typ e in 1440 by Johann Gutenberg. This led to the printing of newspapers, handbills, and other publications from which inevitably rose advertising, as we know it today (Cohen, p.73). To put it simply, advertising serves as an aid to companies that provide goods or services (or both), to sell whatever it is they have to offer. Most advertisements are often criticized for encouraging materialistic values and promoting that what one possesses is more important than who one is (Presbrey). Advertisers want their ad to stand out so they attempt to do so by using techniques such as humor, ongoing story lines, unexpected dialogue, unusual techniques, attention getting spokespersons, or simply by repeating ads to the extent that it is inevitable for a consumer to remember them (Cohen, p.

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Brain Drain In pakistan Essay

1.Brain drain is basically understood as the country’s loss of highly-skilled human capital together with a simultaneous lack of â€Å"brain circulation†, that is, the flow of talent from one country to another country. Pakistan is facing a twofold challenge, on the one hand an alarming increase in the skill level of human capital exiting the country’s economic system, particularly the scientifically- and technologically-skilled personnel, resulting in the erosion of national competitiveness. On the other hand, there is the system’s poor ability to attract skilled human capital from the rest of the world. A loss of our talent, combined with an inability to attract foreign â€Å"brains†, heavily penalizes the country in the context of a globalized world that increasingly competes on the basis of knowledge and innovation. The policies instituted to date by the our govtt, as well as by the private sector, aimed at reversing outward flows or attracting highly-skilled individuals to Pakistan have been inadequate. The main shortcoming of these policies has been that they have taken the form of low-key and often uncoordinated initiatives Aim 2. To find out the causes of Brain drain in pakistan and suggest measures to dec it. Seq 3.This paper will be unfold in fol seq:- a.Definition and types incl cat of skilled pers of brain drain b.Factor Causing brain drain. c.Remedies for brain drain. d.Analysis e.Recommendations f.Concl Definition and types of brain drain 4.What is Brain Drain.It the phenomenon of abandonment of a country in favor of another by professionals or people with a high level of education, generally following an offer of better pay or living conditions as well as improved conditions for conducting one’s professional activities. 5.Types.Fol are the types of brain drain :- a.Eco Brain Drain b.Religious brain drain c.Educational Brain drain d.Intellectuals Brain drain 6.Fol are the cat of skilled pers who form part of brain drain:- a.Corporate transferees. These persons operate at an international level through internal labor markets. Their transfers are prompted by various reasons and may last for periods of time of varying length. Frequently, such transfers are motivated by career advancement and training needs. This category also includes specialists in production systems, marketing and research; their transfers meet the organizational needs of the firms for whom they work .b.Technicians and visiting firemen. These are individuals whose movements reflect the specific occupational skills they possess. Their movements can take place within international labor markets or within the ambit of the operations of multinationals. Transfers may be related to specific development projects, or they may come about unforeseeably or in response to management needs in crisis situations. c.Professionals.Who often work in the healthcare or education sector, and are frequently engaged by non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Selection takes place on an individual basis and is for specific periods of time abroad. In some NGOs, deployment abroad may become permanent. d.Project specialists. Their migration is related to specific projects being carried out abroad. Transfers technically speaking go through internal labor systems, although sometimes these persons are recruited on the external labor market for limited contract periods. e.Consultant specialists. An increasing number of white-collar organizations are resorting to engaging specialists for a wide range of activities. The destinations are global, according to the organizational structure of the client. The consultancy firms themselves are becoming transnational in nature. f. Private career development and training. Many people are seeking opportunities through external labor markets for career advancement and further training, which necessitate stays of varying lengths abroad. This group includes different professions, but also young people in their early career years seeking experiences in foreign settings. This category also includes those who are in later stages of their career and whose transfers may be read in terms of â€Å"chasing the dollar†. g.  Priests and missionaries.   Religious and â€Å"semi-religious† orders who traditionally send their members abroad for periods of varying durations. The groups involved overlap with other types of emigrants, especially in the healthcare and education sectors. h. Entertainers, sportspersons and artists. This is a diverse internationally mobile group of persons whose stays abroad are often for brief periods. Some of them can, however, settle overseas permanently. i. Academics, researchers and other academic staff. There is a substantial exchange of academics and researchers between universities and similar institutions for periods of variable length. Many transfers are for relatively short periods, such as an academic term, whilst others are for longer durations (the archetypal brain drain situation). j. Students in higher education institutions. A growing number of young people are undertaking studies abroad, at all levels and for periods of varying duration, ranging from several months to a number of years. k. Spouses and children of the abovementioned categories can be reasonably included in all evaluations of the migration processes of highly-skilled individuals, though in strict labor-market terms, their inclusion would be questionable. Brain circulation This concept describes training and career paths in which students or workers go abroad to specialize and then return to their country of origin, drawing on the experience they have amassed to secure more advantageous employment conditions. Factor causing brain drain in Pakistan 6.Some of the major causes of brain drain are as fol ;- a.Un-employment b.Social Injustice c.Lack of institutional Facilities. d.Poverty e.Lack of Nationalism f.illiteracy g.Lack of Counseling Institutions h.Provisional Discremation. PROPOSALS FOR ACTION: GOVERNMENT AUTHORITIES In terms of government authorities, five main areas of action are proposed: investment in research on par with that of other major economies; clear-cut policy choices that promote brain circulation; the adoption of models apt to encourage study and specialization abroad, and a subsequent return to Italy; the establishment of public-private partnerships; and the facilitation of entry visa procedures for foreign researchers and talent. In terms of universities and other public and private research centers, the work to be done is extensive and should form part of an earnest reform of the university system. There are at least nine main areas of action proposed: an overhaul of competitive exams for academic posts; the establishment of PhD courses in line with modern and competitive criteria; the delocalization abroad of periods of university and postgraduate study; the creation of academic centers of excellence; a shake-up of research funding; the conduct of university courses in English and the internationalization of curricula; the optimization of remuneration packages; mandatory retirement at age 65 in respect of all managerial roles performed by university academics, with a view to facilitating renewal; and the establishment of exchange programs. A boost in research investment First and foremost, we note that research cannot be undertaken without investment. Paksitan spends 0.8% of GDP on research and development (2008 figures). This percentage is surprisingly low compared to that for countries such as the United States (2.8%) or the Swiss Confederation (2.9%), but also relative to the European average (1.8%). The adoption of policy choices aimed at promoting brain circulation Policy choices apt to facilitate the departure and arrival of skilled human capital from around the world are a necessary precondition for Italy to be geared towards social and economic development that is competitive with that of other countries. Such policies should also tackle the social immobility, patronage, parochialism and vested interests that have historically contributed to the brain drain from Italy and, at the same time, hinder the influx of skilled human capital to our country. The creation of public-private partnerships Government institutions should encourage partnerships with the private sector and with universities, and strengthen their links with the local labor market. Such collaborative relationships would also instill a more international and global culture in a society that would become more competitive and transparent. Proposals for action: universities and other research bodies It is essential that our universities and other research centers be made attractive, international and accessible to foreign students and researchers, in order to help even out the balance between incoming and outgoing talent. This obviously entails making the university system more open and meritocratic, giving rise to a need for serious and farsighted reforms. The creation of centers of excellence In order to ensure the workability of two-way exchange programs, it is necessary to create centers of excellence capable of attracting and hosting the best international students and researchers, providing them with a standard of quality similar to that in their sending country or which they would be able to find elsewhere in the world. A shake-up of research funding We propose that an end be put to indiscriminate funding, which should instead be allocated according to peer-reviewed proposals with calls issued on a regular basis. Adjudication panels should draw on international experts with no ties to the research institutes associated with the proposals. Medium-term and final reports should be required and be a key condition for obtaining further funding. Remedies For Brain Drain in Pakistan 6.Some of the major remedies of brain drain are as fol ;- a.Aval of jobs. b.Provn of Social Justice c.Improvement in institutional Facilities. d.Eco Reforms e.Uplifting Nationalism f.Security Sit g.Making of Counseling Institutions h.Role of Media. i.Revision of Immigration Policies

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Human Body Project Ideas for Biology and Behavior

Human body science projects allow people to better understand the human body. Not only do these studies help researchers improve their knowledge of anatomical functions, but they also offer insight into human behavior. Scientists and students alike should be well acquainted with human physiology. The following lists provide topic suggestions for simple experiments to conduct that will help you learn more about the complexities of the human body. Behavioral Project Ideas Mood and Disposition Does the weather affect a persons mood?Does smiling affect a persons mood?Do colors affect a persons mood?Does human behavior change during a full moon?Does room temperature affect concentration?How does amount of sleep affect a persons concentration? Systems Does music affect blood pressure?How does fear affect blood pressure?How does caffeine affect the body?Does exercise affect memory retention?Does biological sex affect reaction time?How does a persons heart rate respond differently to short bursts of intense exercise vs. long stretches of steady exercise? Senses Does your sense of smell affect your sense of taste?Which sense (taste, smell, touch) is most effective for food identification?Does sight affect the ability to determine the source or direction of sound?How do sounds (e.g. music) affect hand-eye coordination?Is a persons sight altered (short-term) after playing video games? Biological Project Ideas Systems Does a persons BMI affect their blood pressure?What is the average normal body temperature?Which types of exercise are most effective for increasing muscle growth?How do various types of acid (phosphoric acid, citric acid, etc.) affect tooth enamel?How do heart rate and blood pressure vary during the day?Does exercise affect lung capacity?Does blood vessel elasticity affect blood pressure?Does calcium impact bone strength? Senses Do food smells affect saliva production?Does eye color affect a persons ability to distinguish colors?Does light intensity affect peripheral vision?Do different stressors (heat, cold, etc.) affect nerve sensitivity?How is sense of touch affected by scar tissue?What is the highest and lowest frequency that the average person can hear?Does the heat of food impact the effectiveness of different types of taste (salty, sour, sweet, bitter, umami)Is sense of smell or sense of touch more useful in effectively identifying unknown objects without the use of other senses? Human Body Information Need more inspiration for your project? These resources will get you started: The human body is made up of several organ systems that work together as a unit.Have you ever wondered why certain sounds make you cringe? Learn about your five senses and how they work.The brain is a fascinating organ that directs a multitude of functions in the body. Discover how sweets can alter your brain, why swinging makes you fall asleep faster, and how video games affect brain function.Want to learn some interesting facts about the body? Learn 10 Facts About The Heart, 12 Facts About Blood, 10 Facts About Cells, and 8 Different Types of Body Cells.